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Information on boat PICARDIE

All-metal, built boat in 1987 at ACHÈRES near CONFLANS SAINTE HONORINE.

With a capacity of 138 seats in restoration, the PICARDY offers 2 panoramic rooms non-smoking on one level

Some features:

2 motors powered by 150 HP
1 engine of 150 HP for electricity production
length: 35 m, width: 5 m, weight: 150 tons
138 passengers in cruise, upper deck solarium
2 rooms of restoration separated 50 and 88 places


At the front of the cockpit bathroom first in the form of a canopy that can accommodate 50 passengers.
A second room at the rear of the cockpit that can accommodate 88 passengers.
These different rooms are modular in tables of 2, 4, 6 and 8 people depending on the size of your group.
On the upper deck, a large sun terrace equipped.
Access to the boat is easy for seniors.Toilet, heating.