On Foot, on Small Boat, on PICARDIE Boat

Week 12 H 30 and 19 H, 13 H on SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS

Lunch or dinner cruise

on the boat Restaurant PICARDIE

Pâté d'Oie en croûte
Salmon Crepe or mousse of asparagus
Fricassee of chicken with mustard
or Confit of duck with apples
Warm goat cheese and seasonal salad
Pie Picarde
1 bottle of Côtes du Rhône for 4 persons

3:30 PM
Promenade en barque à la découverte des Hortillonnages (1H)

Cruise lunch or dinner with drinks, guided tour

Child - 10 years: €27

Rates for group from 30 adults
(if fewer consult us)
Free driver coach.
An attendant from 50 adults free
Transport by bus to your load.
Some visiting times may be reversed depending on the availability of providers.

Package drinks group less than 30 people:
1 Côtes du Rhône for 4 persons + coffee: €4 / person
KIR: €3

OPTIONS for all cruises
Right to Cap CHAMPAGNE (after a meal)
€6 per bottle

OCCUPATION the boat extra
€180 per extra hour evening
€100 per extra hour day