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Welcome to AMIENS a high city in colours.

Amiens is a city of character. Visitors are quickly marked by the warm atmosphere of this city of Picardy. It is famous for its numerous monuments as well as its very pleasant living environment.

Au fil de l'eau, Amiens unfolds and reveals to measure its wonders.A character forged by history.
Amiens is primarily a city of history. Very marked by the scars of World War II, she was able to deal with adversity to rebuild. Amiens was therefore rebuilt gradually, and today, the city continues to grow while maintaining its nature.It attracts every year thousands of tourists who take pleasure to wander along the Somme and admire its landscapes and its monuments.

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Tour d'Horizon WEEK-END à AMIENS

A nice mix of Art and Architecture

Among the places most visited in Amiens is in the foreground Cathedrale.sa construction dates back to the 13th century.This religious building of 145 meters long and 112 meters high is the largest of France.Souvent the subject of light shows that highlight its Gothic architecture, it is now part of the UNESCO world heritage monuments.
Just like her, the belfry of Amiens is a key component of this city.Originally, this high Bell Tower of the 15th century allowed residents to watch for the arrival of possible assailants.Subsequently, he had other functions such as place of meetings of the notables of the city, store weapons or prison.Located on the central square of the city, the belfry has emerged as a key site during a visit in Amiens.

Amiens city culture

Amiens also has a rare circus render hard ' enclosure hosts various types of events.The circus of course, but also concerts and other artistic activities.This amphitheatre was inaugurated by Jules Verne in 1889.En effect, the famous author has left its mark the city.He had moved there in 1871 and wrote the bulk of his work.In addition, he was very active in municipal life.He was elected to the Academy of Amiens in 1872 and was City Councillor for many years.On four levels, it evokes through more than 700 objects from the Amiens Metropole collection, the personality, the sources of inspiration and memories of Jules Verne. Such an ascent of the real to the imaginary, Jules Verne, citizen Amiens, welcomes us home. The garden of winter to the attic, you are invited to relive the adventures of the vernian heroes: Michel Strogoff, César Cascabel, Mathias Sandorf, Phileas Fogg, Captain Nemo, and many others.
An extraordinary journey awaits you in this place where the presence of the great Julius always floats in the air...Today, we can gather before his tomb in the cemetery of the admirers of his novels Madeleine.Les can also visit his house, and imagine the writer sitting, busy writing around the world in 80 days or even twenty thousand leagues under the sea.Centennial obliges, Amiens has organized multiple events to commemorate the anniversary of his death.
Amiens is today a city where culture occupies a predominant place.The Musée de Picardie is a symbol.Here you can admire medieval objects, paintings and sculptures of art.The 7th art is also being honored with the international Amiens Film Festival.

And runs the sum

After visiting museums and other monuments of Amiens, a moment of relaxation is welcome.The most pleasant is to stroll along the water.Indeed of multiple arms of the sum along the streets of the city.Some call same Amiens the little Venice of the Nord.Il is also some places where you can go by boat.This is the case of the Hortillonnages.Pour complete the visit to the capital of Picardy, the Quartier Saint-Leu offers the opportunity to discover another aspect of life Amienoise.En day, the visitor is seduced by its narrow streets lined with canals, its houses with façades coated wood.At night, the neighborhood comes alive and the inhabitants come stroll along the wharf where many restaurants will welcome you.The atmosphere is at its peak: Gardens dedicated to gardening, located on the River Islands.In total, they occupy an area of 300 Ha that can be discovered through guided tours.

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